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TahkoExperience Oy's Privacy Statement
Each of us appreciates their privacy. However, it would not be feasible to conduct business and travel services to businesses and consumers without the processing of personal data. As a registrar, we deal specifically with contact information for our customers and potential customers. Personal information is any information that is already associated with an identified or identifiable person such as name and email. Tahko Experience Oy handles personal information relating to its customers, including potential customers, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable law. We may make updates to the Privacy Statement as our business evolves or changes in the law, so you may want to return to this Privacy Statement from time to time.

Tahko Experience Oy
Business ID: 2760911-5
Contact Information: Laitisenmäki 318C, 73320 Nilsiä
Contact person: Teija Kemppi
P. 0500 404330
Registry name: Tahko Experience Oy's customer and marketing register

Customer contacts from websites, online service, partners, business websites and phone and e-mail sales.

Purpose of processing personal data
The controller processes customer information for the following purposes:

Marketing and customer communication
Tahko Experience Oy implements digital marketing, email marketing, targeted marketing content and social media advertising for its potential and current customers. We are also looking for new potential customers for Tahko's services, so business contact information is also processed for marketing and communications purposes as well as marketing-related messages and content. Marketing can be based on automated decision making and customer profiles created in social media advertising campaigns, search engine marketing, and content on our website. In this respect, legitimate processing of personal data is primarily our legitimate advantage. A person may at any time have the right to deny direct marketing to him. Partly direct marketing is also based on consent (ordering newsletters).

The registrar will not disclose personal data to perform outside the legitimate interests of the third party (6 GDPR art 1.f.); The legitimate interest of the controller is based on a meaningful and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the data controller arising from the registration, sending of a request, reservation request or request for communication and / or otherwise using the controller's product or service or the product or service of the controller's customer or service provider, takes place for purposes that the data subject could reasonably have expected when the personal data collection was collected and in the context of an appropriate relationship.

Customer Relationships, Potential Customers, and Contracts / Booking Service Management
The establishment, management and maintenance of our customer relationship will bring us information. We collect personal information about our customers and potential customers from people themselves. For new potential customers, we also collect the so-called " prospect data mainly from corporate websites. For potential customers, a major source of personal data is our homepage and the forms and functions it has. We also collect information about our website using Google Analytics. Customer relationship information is also generated and collected in relation to customer companies / customers. Information about potential customers may also be obtained from our partners.

Typically, we collect personal information about customers in particular:
First name
Last name
Email address
Business Phone Number / Phone Number
The employer company, its contact and other information and the company-ID
Contact contact
Account Level
Criteria for processing personal data (agreement, consent, legitimate interest)
Tahko Experienced tasks towards the client (ring / email / reservations / meeting)
Notes / client (call / meeting / other Tahko Experience tasks)
Ringing information (since it has been called and what has been called)
Information regarding the meeting (since it was discovered and spoken)
sales History
E-mail Correspondence
Marketing Consents / Prohibitions
Similar information can also be obtained from prospecting on the potential customer companies website.

Accordingly, personal data is processed for the marketing, sale, and development of products and services provided by the controller. The registrar handles the information itself. As a registrar, we also disclose information confidential to our partners who process personal information under our contract. Our collaborators deal with personal information as agreed in a confidential manner and only to promote the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement. We provide information to partners in order to fulfill the obligations to you in order to provide you with the service you have reserved. Providing information in collaboration with the programmer will ensure the quality, safety and functionality of the service. If you allow, we also use the information to keep you up to date about any events and services that may interest you in Tahko. The information can also be submitted to the subcontractor / partner for billing purposes. The provision of the controller's services to customers and the handling of customer's reservations (for example, the delivery of the booking confirmation and invoices to the customer by e-mail or online payment, payment control and collection) is also the purpose of processing personal data.

Information content of the register / personal data groups to be processed
Information for the following categories of persons can be handled by the following: Contact details of the registrar's customer or client or company or Tahkoexperience reservation management software or marketing authorization.
Data kept by data controllers maintained by Tahkoexperience maintained by the controller is stored during the event but is not used for marketing purposes or given to third parties.

The information to be stored in the register is: the person's name, contact information (phone number, e-mail address, address), web site addresses, IP address of the network, information on subscribed services (e.g., information about past and future bookings) and their changes, billing information, other customer relationships (feedback from the mailing list), customer feedback information (feedback from the information provided by the controller and other information obtained with the consent of the customer) Feedback via web pages / e-mail. Other information collected by the customer's consent (eg, the traffic disturbance declared by the customer or special diets) that are necessary to carry out the service he or she reserves.

Registered Rights
The Register has the following rights, whose requests to use must be sent to

The right of inspection
The registered person can check the stored personal data.

Right to rectify information
The registrant may request to correct incorrect or incomplete information about him.

Of opposition
A registered person may object to the processing of personal data if he / she feels that personal data has been processed unlawfully.

Direct marketing ban
The data subject has the right to deny access to his / her data for direct marketing.

Withdrawal of consent
If the processing of personal data relating to a registered person is based solely on consent, and not for the customer relationship, then the registrar may withdraw consent.

Regular sources of information
Information provided by yourself through subscription to newsletter, inquiries, reservations or tenders, use of the service, participation in other activities required for information on the site.
Personal information from a registered user based on a registered personal notice in a sales or customer service situation by phone, internet, email or other means. In addition, data can be collected through a customer feedback form and social media services as well as from publicly available Internet sources for business customers. Contact and customer information can also be collected through various competitions and marketing campaigns.
Tracked tracking data and online ad tracking data.

Ordinary deliveries of data and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
Information will not normally be disclosed to third parties. The information can be published in so far as it is agreed with the customer. Upon request, customer data is disclosed to the authorities designated by law. We have ensured that all of our service providers comply with the privacy laws. We may transfer or disclose personal information to our partners as it is necessary for the purpose of this privacy statement. Such partners include, for example, Tahko's program services and restaurant service providers who provide services to us. In such situations, personal data will be processed in accordance with current legislation.

We may also use third-party service providers such as payment services, recovery services, and analytics service providers to perform certain tasks involving the processing of personal information on our behalf. Otherwise, we will not sell or disclose your information to third parties. We also do not transfer data outside the EEA.

Duration of treatment
Personal information is processed as a rule as long as the customer relationship is in effect.
In the newsletter mailing list, a registered person can access himself through each link in our marketing e-mail.

Personal data handlers
The data controller and his staff handle personal data. We can also outsource the processing of personal data to a third party, thereby guaranteeing the contractual arrangements that personal data will be processed in accordance with current data protection legislation and otherwise properly.

Registry Protection Principles
Only the Tahko Experience Oy entrepreneurs themselves have access to the registry in the system. Partners who use the TahkoExperience booking program have access to customer information that relates to their own services and products. Careful handling of the registry is ensured and data processed by the information systems is adequately protected. When keeping records on Internet servers, the physical and digital security of their hardware is handled appropriately. The controller shall ensure that stored data, server access privileges and other critical data related to the security of personal data are processed confidentially and only by employees or partners whose job description they belong to. The obligation of confidentiality binds the customer records information employees and our partners who are required to provide the service to the customer. Otherwise, information will be disclosed or disclosed to third parties only as a result of a statutory duty to notify, such as at the customer's own request or on a lawful authority's request. The system is protected by technical solutions. Careful handling of the registry is ensured and data processed by the information systems is adequately protected.

There is no manual material. Personal data is duly protected. The controller collects data into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. Tahko Experience Oy's network service telecommunications is encrypted, technically secure and the customer identifies the accuracy of the address of that service on the certificate. Identification of Tahko Experience systems always requires a personal username and password.

Right of inspection, right of denial and right to be forgiven The registrar has the right to inspect the data stored in the register and to request correction of incorrect information and / or incomplete information. The registrar also has the right to request the removal of his / her personal data, namely "the right to be forgotten". With the exception of Tahko Experience Oy's binding obligations, eg the Accounting Act. Requests for the implementation of the above rights must be submitted in writing to the registrar. Tahko Experience Oy will deliver a written reply to the customer within 30 days of receipt of a written request from Tahko Experience Oy.

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A web site user may consent or deny the use of cookies in their web browser settings. Most web browsers allow cookies automatically. Please note that blocking cookies may undermine our site's functionality and user experience.

We use third-party tracking systems (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Adwords) that also use cookies. These cookies are also stored on the client's machine and allow the analysis of the use of the website. The information received through cookies about the use of the registrar site including the IP address is transferred and stored to a third party server. Through our monitoring systems, we strive to provide the best user experience for a visitor to the site.

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